C.A.S.H. 101 Classes Starting Sept 2020

We Educate Global Classes Starting Sept 2020

C.A.S.H. 101 Classes Starting Sept 2020

Dallas, TX – We Educate Global today is launching its new Hemp Farming & Cannabis Science 101 education course called C.A.S.H. 101. C.A.S.H. 101 (Cannabis, Agriculture, Science and Hemp) is one of many new courses and programs, and offers an industry overview to prospecting job seekers, business owners and future entrepreneurs. The certification course introduces key subjects of a new, misunderstood and thriving industry amidst the challenges other businesses face today.

“We share the same principles and values on how to create a prosperous business through quality business solutions”

Theane Liberatoe, Co-owner at Horizon Harvesting

Features & Benefits of the C.A.S.H. 101 Course

  • 18 hours of course instruction, 3+ hours of weekly student calls and course certification
  • Students can attend in person, by Zoom (live streaming) or take the self-paced virtual option
  • Networking opportunities with Industry experts and special high-profile guests

“There is nothing more important than a solid foundation of knowledge to achieve what you desire most out of life”

Deborah Bacashihua, Hemp Tech Ventures, LLC

The Hemp Farming & Cannabis Science 101 course starts on September 12, 2020, at $750 for our live streaming classes. Our introductory classes through 2020 will receive an extra $100 off ($650 total) and online options are available as well.

Upcoming Events

  • October 10-24, 2020 (Saturdays)
  • November 7-21 2020 (Saturdays)
  • January 2020 dates coming soon

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