We Educate Global Admissions Open

We Educate Global Admissions Open

Cost Effective Admissions Open

Our course admissions vary by course type. We look to provide cost effective education that can fits our students schedule and learning type.

In addition to our online courses, we also have availability to consult with students on specific needs and tailor an education to meet your goals.

An Educators Platform

We Educate Global is an educators’ platform. We strive to bring innovative education partners to students, professionals and entrepreneurs. With the growing needs for a changing education system, we are tackling this head on.

By providing a combination of live and hands-on classes while integrating a user friendly virtual portal, We Educate Global is focusing on a continually evolving education ecosystem. This ecosystem brings current educators, everyday educators and proven business professionals to create and instruct curriculum that is cost effective and to the point.

Continuing Education (CE)

Continuing education classes will begin in Spring 2021. With a range between holistic, health and wellness focus, our courses will bring new subject matter to the forefront of education.

Hemp & Cannabis Education

With a growing need of industry change presents new opportunities. The hemp and cannabis markets are booming across different states and with a workforce needed in farming, processing and dispensaries.

Media & Content Production

In today’s time of social distancing and the pandemic, more and more skills are needed to promote yourself, grow your business and venture into new areas of interest. With any business, product or service, there are many pieces to this puzzle.

New courses and workshops will be available in 2021 to help build your skill set in a variety of ways from music and video production, content curation for growing your following and utilizing other platforms to leverage your business.

eSports & the Gaming Industry

Since the early 90’s, we have experienced a surge in society in the gaming world. What was once something that was looked at as a way to pass or waste time is now a major industry.

Over the past couple decades, we have seen the gaming industry evolve into eSports and a bigger emphasis on mobile and cross-platform gaming. Now, colleges are creating scholarships to recruit gamers into their student base.

In 2021, we will be launching workshops around how to get involved in the industry, create your future gaming business and how to create a growing gamification platform.

Social Media Influencing & Management

A new era of social media influencing and marketing has started. This presents many challenges for marketers, business owners and those looking to start something new from scratch.

Through a variety of options, we can take you from start to finish with understanding what you need to know. We also present options of how to fit into a larger ecosystem of business that is plug and play into different industries.

Our new programs launching in 2021 will provide a many options and solutions for all levels from beginners to experts.

How to Contact our Admission Department

Our Admissions team is standing by and can be reached anytime toll-free at (844) 436-7338 or email us at info@weeducateglobal.com.

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