Texas Hemp Awards Nominates We Educate Global for Industry Education

Texas Hemp Awards Nomination

Texas Hemp Awards Nominates We Educate Global for Industry Education

Thank you Texas Hemp Awards for nominating We Educate Global for the industry education segment. We are proud and honored to receive this nomination.

Our 2021 Hemp and Cannabis live classes are starting up Saturday, January 9 with Zoom remote accessibility. For more details on the course contents and schedule, go here. Additional dates for February and March are available as well as our self-paced online classes.

We Educate Global nominated by Texas Hemp Awards for industry education

Texas Hemp Awards Nominations & Voting

texas hemp awards nominates weeducate global industry education

There are several categories of top companies and individuals being selected for their contributions to the hemp industry.

There are various award nomination categories are:

  • Regional Sales Outlets
  • Advocates & Influencers
  • Educators
  • Manufacturing, Processing & Extractions

For voting on your picks of the Texas Hemp Awards, please go here.

Hemp Industry Education is Growing

Texas has been long awaiting expansion in hemp farming for industrial and consumer good products. Surrounding states and throughout the country, hemp farms are popping up. From generational to new farmers, new opportunities are taking form.

With CBD retailers on the rise, product sourcing comes from many different states that have already been farming hemp for years. However, this is now changing and more farmers are producing quality crops that support local retailers and small businesses within the state.

We Educate Global Expanding Hemp Education Programs

In late Spring 2021, We Educate Global will be launching more hands-on programs for hemp farmers and those interested in being a part of the workforce. Internships and work programs will be established to create new opportunities and education paths to meet the industry needs.

Call (844) HEMPEDU or email info@weeducateglobal.com to inquire about our upcoming programs. The programs will have limited availability based on out student waiting list.

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