Hemp & Cannabis Industry Education & Certifications

Hemp & Cannabis Industry Education & Certification

The hemp and cannabis industry is a new and exciting budding industry. There is a dire need for increased education and certification paths to support future jobs and businesses. We have been working with industry professionals to develop innovative curriculum to help open doors for students needing job placement, growing their business and other services.

With the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, expansion of agriculture and new product manufacturing will be expanding across multiple industries. Many states are evaluating not just the agriculture benefits, but more importantly, bringing back farming that was once an essential way of daily life. All these changes bring new needs for industry education solutions.

Growth within the Hemp & Medicinal Cannabis Industry

Federal and state laws are changing more rapidly across many states for the medicinal and recreational cannabis industry segments. This presents a number of new opportunities to work within the industry along with its correlation to hemp farming. Depending on your state, various new business ventures are being started from farming and growing, product manufacturing and processing, lab testing, clinical research and more.

With the growth of more medical patient needs, both hemp (CBD) and cannabis products are now being more legally available to those with many different ailments, diseases, mental disorders and terminal illnesses. In some cases, even hemp derived products are effective for patients to help with everyday health management. Our industry education course options take you through targetted segments to provide comprehensive overview of critical information.

Hemp & CBD Products Demand

We have seen the increasing demand for more quality hemp and CBD products. A largely misunderstood industry segment due to old stigmas, the CBD market isn’t a fab but a solution. Industrial hemp demand is also growing for textiles and other uses the full plant can provide.

New businesses and job opportunities are vast in this space but should be pursued with caution. With the general public catching wind of this, a paradigm shift in old mindsets has opened limitless possibilities for the future.

Industrial Hemp Farming Expansion

Industrial hemp is coming back in a huge way. The environmental and self-sustainability solutions that industrial hemp can provide are exponential. With other US farming segments not providing the same profitability for farmers, their growing business models are evolving.

In addition, industrial hemp will help to new eco-friendly materials and longer-term environment rehabilitation. A common form of new products will be clothing, plastics, construction and many other areas. The adaptation of companies incorporating hemp based materials is rapidly changing business models as more laws and regulation change.

We Educate Global Courses & Solutions

We are proud to be recognized in 2020 for the Texas Hemp Awards in the industry education segment. We Educate Global courses are setup to bring multiple levels of knowledge from beginner to advanced. We work with students to learn and define their own curriculum path with structured and customized solutions.

For those wanting to start or grow their business, we work hand in hand with you to provide an extra level of service. Whether you are in the beginning stage of a startup or need assistance with expanding your business, we custom tailor education and business service solutions to your needs.

To discuss other education and service needs, please call (844) HEMPEDU to schedule a call with our team.